To construct the full URL, add the endpoint to

For example:

Endpoints GET POST Authentication Description
leads Not Supported Supported Required POST request to this endpoint when submiting leads
leads/<id> Supported Not Supported Required GET request to this endpoint when retrieving results
Field Required Type Description
lead_type Not Required String Accepts prequalification, referral, or standard(default)
cid Required String Your cid, provided to you by Guidant Financial
first_name Required String Lead's first name
last_name Required String Lead's last name
email Required String Lead's email address
phone Required String Lead's phone number
credit_score *Required String Accepts either Above 720, 680 - 720, 620 - 679 or Below 620
retirement *Required Integer Total value of all retirement funds
cash *Required Integer Total cash amount in Checking/Savings/CDs/Money Market accounts
investments *Required Integer Total value of non-retirement investments (stocks, bonds, etc.)
bankruptcy Not Required Boolean Whether the lead has gone through bankruptcy in the past
state Not Required String Lead's abbreviated two letter state of residence
time_frame Not Required String Accepts either Don't Know Yet, Less than 2 months, 2-6 months, 6-12 months, or More than 12 Months
notes Not Required String Additional notes, limited to 255 characters (longer strings will be truncated)
*Required for leads that have a lead_type of prequalification